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OCOA Ambulance Service

is a private ambulance service provider and has years of experience working within the Country. We are based in the Nairobi and operate our services anywhere in the Country 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We have in our team qualified, licensed paramedics and nurses. We can supply, Patient Transport vehicles, Emergency Ambulances, Rapid Response Vehicles, 4x4 Responce Vehicles and provide any level of medical cover to suit your needs. All our response staff are well trained and equal to the task. All staff are required to complete a licensing check prior to employment, all staff skills are updated on a regular basis to keep them current with legislation and registration.

Passion for our clients
Coutiuuous and measurable improvements
Accountability and transparency
Global MindSet
Employee Empowerment and development
24/7 Emergency Evacuation
Emergency Hotline
24hrs Services Everyday

Our City Our Ambulance (OCOA)

0758 692 000

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Our Mission

Offer available, dignified and affordable world class emergency and non-emergency out of hospital care for all.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the ideal ambulance services provider providing for the health and wellbeing of the community. Our vision is guided by the following pillars:


Deliver Market leading quality care


Deliver cost effective care by means of efficient, optimal utilization of technology and innovation

Grow our Business and diversify our sources of revenue


Effectively engage with our stakeholders to ensure our long-term sustainability

Emergency Hotline
24hrs Services Everyday

Our City Our Ambulance (OCOA)

0758 692 000

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Why Choose Us

We offer World class ambulance service

World class ambulance service

We provide world class ambulance service through our highly experienced and specialized professional team.

Award Winning

We strive to be an outstanding brand that is identified with efficiency, integrity and remarkable customer service.


We place high value in patient safety ensuring ethical and honest practice.

Professional Staff

We work with our patients/clients in a teamwork style approach so that you will obtain the correct healthcare you need.

Availability 24/7 365 Days

We stay up to date with the latest ambulance service trends ideal for improved healthcare and well-being of our patients.


Ambulance Support Services

We offer an array of services that are categorized as follows:

Emergency Evacuations

This involves, evacuations to medical facilities from scenes which can be traffic accidents, home, factories, construction sites etc. This will include patient stabilization.

Non-Emergency patient transport

This involves patient transport in a hospital set up where monitoring continues en-route.

Hospital to hospital transfers

This is transport in a hospital set up. This is our highly acclaimed bed-to-bed patient transfer service.

Hospital to home transfers

This service is available. On discharge from hospital for patients.

Non-Emergency Escort

we offer escort services for patients who do not necessarily require an ambulance but whose condition is unstable. We provide support for continuous monitoring and care.

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Ambulance Support Services



Our array of services

Organ and Organ Team Transport

Our company already assists in the transplant and organ team transport. Ocoa Ambulance Service will provide a dedicated vehicle and assistant whatever the need. He/She will remain with you and assist you in any capacity. On completion of the task you or the accompanying organ bloods or team will be conveyed to the designated medical facility.

First Aid Training

We envision a society where everyone is well versed with modern basic first aid knowledge. Ocoa ambulance service are delighted to offer first aid training to individuals, schools, institutions and organized groups. Our well trained and acclaimed staff will assess the risks of individual client and develop training manuals to fit the needs.

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We are delighted to offer first aid training.


Ocoa Boda Plan

Ni 10bob Tu!


For Only 10bob a Day

KES3,650/ Year

24hrs Evacuaton Service
Medical Expenses of upto KES. 100,000 for accident related injuries
Last Expense of KES.50,000
First Aid Training and Kits
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